Stop politicians from pretending to be your local newspaper

Sign the petition to end this and other deceptive campaign practices

Deceptive campaign practices risk misleading the public during elections.

Political parties have been using misleading formats—like pretending to be local newspapers—to gain votes. Full Fact has seen this happen consistently at previous elections and you can help stop it happening again this time.

These tactics are misleading to voters and risk undermining trust in the important institutions that protect our democracy—the local press, and the electoral system itself.

You can play a critical role as we head towards the next general election. Now is the time to make your voice heard and help end deceptive campaign practices.

Political parties should commit to honest campaigning practices by pledging not to use deceptive campaign practices that risk misleading voters and undermining trusted independent media institutions by no later than the announcement of the next general election.

Sign the petition to demand political parties end these deceptive campaign practices.

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17,724 people have taken a stand with us

  • 5 days ago  Justin M, Cardiff
  • 5 days ago  Valerie G, Blackburn with Darwen
  • 5 days ago  Richard D, Exeter
  • 5 days ago  Stephen W, North Lanarkshire
  • 5 days ago  Tom H, Oldham
  • 4 days ago  Louisa W, Exeter
  • 4 days ago  Louisa P, Barnsley
  • 4 days ago  Simon D, Hampshire
  • 4 days ago  Xinlei L, Hackney
  • 2 days ago  Emma F, Teignbridge

Help us reach 20,000

To the leaders of UK political parties,

I am calling on party leaders to publicly pledge they will not use deceptive campaign materials—such as leaflets made to look like local newspapers—in election campaigning.

By no later than the announcement of the next general election

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