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MPs on the Procedure Committee have looked into how the House of Commons works and have made new recommendations. They say that the Ministerial corrections process should be extended to all MPs and that the visibility of corrections on Parliament’s website should be increased.

Full Fact supports the Procedure Committee recommendations, and is calling for MPs to agree to them, and to go further with new ways to hold MPs accountable when they fail to correct their mistakes.

As our elected representatives, MPs owe us the truth. And yet, we have a political system that operates as if honesty doesn’t matter.

There is a formal process for correcting the official record in Parliament. Most MPs aren’t allowed to use it. Even if they wanted to, they wouldn’t be able to put right their false or misleading claims.

And those who can correct themselves? Government ministers, our most powerful elected representatives, too often choose not to.

When our politicians don’t correct their mistakes, everybody loses. The public’s trust is undermined and bad information can spread further, with consequences that affect all of us.

MPs were chosen to lead, not mislead us. A functioning democracy depends on good information. We need your help to make sure that MPs finally give us the truth, and own up when they get their facts wrong.

Will you add your name to ensure that your MP stands up for honesty?

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I am calling on my MP to admit publicly when they get things wrong, and along with all MPs, to agree new rules to make it easy to correct mistakes and stop politicians from misleading Parliament.

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