Ask your MP to tackle harmful misinformation in the Online Safety Bill

From Covid-19 misinformation to disinformation on the war in Ukraine, the Online Safety Bill doesn’t go far enough to protect us from harm.

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As it stands, the Online Safety Bill will continue to leave the public vulnerable and exposed to online harms.

Your MP can use their vote in the House of Commons to make sure the Online Safety Bill has stronger provisions to protect us all from harmful mis- and disinformation.

The Online Safety Bill will bring in new rules for internet companies to make sure their users are protected from harms that can take place on their platforms. But it doesn’t yet go far enough and falls short of the Government’s aim to make the UK the safest place to be online.

The Bill is currently making progress in the House of Commons, and soon your MP will have an opportunity to improve the Bill and vote on crucial changes that can limit the damage caused by bad information, and end internet companies’ ability to make unaccountable decisions for UK internet users from offices on the other side of the world.

This legislation should be a pivotal moment in the way we tackle the harms caused by mis- and disinformation, safeguard freedom of expression and improve media literacy so we all have the tools to protect ourselves from bad information.

But the Government has not learned lessons from the last few years, which have seen Covid-19 misinformation undermine public health, conspiracy theories which lead to offline attacks, and disinformation - including on the war in Ukraine - spread rapidly.

Bad information can ruin, and in extreme cases, cost lives. Your support can help to make sure harmful misinformation is tackled in the Online Safety Bill.

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